We sail, daily.

King George Sound Safari will make your day. Not only do we offer the widest range of activities at sea around Albany, but we tailor everything to your particular wants and needs. Romantic evening? Done. Birthday party? Sorted. Casual cruise to see the whales, dolphins and schools of whiting? We have you covered.

If you want to book and pay online we have the technology - you can look at our schedule, choose a date and time that suits you, pay and receive confirmation all without leaving your office or couch at home. If you'd rather book by phone, do not hesitate to call us on 0429 08 03 97. We can provide nibbles, drinks, bbq facilities, ice, a fridge, an esky, you name it. If you want something more substantial we can have our food supplier bring your meal right to the boat pen.

coming ABOARD?

We have a great way to let you unwind, relax, have fun and reconnect; that is our purpose, our reason for being here. You can usually find us wherever there is sheltered water, with up to ten passengers, chilling out.

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We can order from the menu at Due South and have the chef-cooked meal and drinks delivered right to the boat.

If you want to do something special for your staff we organise corporate charters.

Our deck is covered so you won't get fried on a sunny day or drenched should the weather turn. We have ample lighting for evening cruises.

If you want to head out before dawn to see the sun come up over King George Sound, we are there.

let's bounce!

Normally we let the engines take us gently to the destination but it does not have to be that way. If you are keen for a thrill we can open the twin motors up and get you somewhere fast.

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Our twin hull catamaran design means that we do not rock about the way that single hull boats can. This extra stability makes for a more comfortable outing.

Some of Albany's greatest beaches, secluded bays and inlets are best arrived at by boat. Without a doubt the best views are from a boat. The most romantic dinners are on a boat. We have the boat to take you there, regardless of what you are chasing. Within minutes of leaving the boat harbour at the bottom of York Street we can get you to beaches protected from development.

We'd love to take you there.

Some photographs taken by our happy customers... the image that looks like an upturned chair underwater are the guns of HMS Perth.