Cats are the best.

There is no debate. Catamarans are better by a nautical mile.

Single hull vessels can perform better in the open ocean but for many reasons the twin hull design of a cat beats single hull boats hands down. Here is why:

Cats are unsinkable. They have a natural buoyancy even when fully laden with full and passengers. The deck could fill up with water and the catamaran would still float, with the deck remaining flat.

Cats get up to speed faster. If you want to go somewhere fast, comfortably, then the cat beats the single hull designs because it is more lively.

We can offer you better value for money because cats have a lower wetted surface area. This means that they are less expensive to run. A boat that is less expensive to run means that we can offer you better value for money on your cruise. Other boats simply cannot compete on fuel consumption, especially in quiet water.

Better layout
If you are bringing a party who wants to have it spread over a few levels? The catamaran design means that everyone is on the one level - and that is a great thing.

Cats are very agile with twin engines a distance apart. They also have shallow drafts, meaning that they can get you in very close to the beach of your choice. We anchor closer to shore and go where single hulls cannot go.

Cats have little heeling, they don't roll at anchor (less sea sickness is great for family outings), and because there is two of everything, the built-in redundancy means that if something like a motor, should stop working you always have another one ready to take you safely to your mooring.